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Compression Socks Fittings within Eastern Palm Beach County

Compression Fitting, Socks & Stockings

We can help you get the right compression socks and stockings for your needs.  Our on-staff team of Licensed Orthotic Assistants and Bracing Fitting are state of Florida Licensed.  We can give you professional, expert advice about the best splint or orthotic to fit your needs.  We pride ourselves on having most items in stock, which allows us to immediately fit most customers with the compression socks or compression sleeves they need.  Compression fittings for socks and stockings is available at our West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach retail stores.  Our Compression Stocking Specialists provide expert advice on the selection of compression socks, hose, stockings and custom fit compression sleeves.  Our trained staff will also show you how to properly put on and take off your compression stockings to maximize the benefits that compression stockings provide.


We Carry These Major Brands

We encourage our customers to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to learn how to:

• Choose the best compression pressure for your needs.

• Choose the best style for you, open toe socks, calf high, full lower body and arm or full arm styles.

• Don your new compression socks or sleeve using special gloves or devices or nothing.

• Doff the compression socks or sleeve at night.

• Use proper wear schedules.

• Care for your garment or orthotic brace.


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If you have purchased from us before and would like to re-order the same compression stocking, gives us a call, chat with or visit one of our retail stores. 


Compression Stocking Fitting

What do compression stockings do? 

The pressure these stockings put on the legs helps the blood vessels work better.  The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to the muscles can relax, so blood flows freely.  The veins get a boost pushing blood back to the heart. 

Compression Stockings can keep legs from getting tired and achy.  They can also ease swelling in the feet and ankles as well as help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins.  They may even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up. 

Because the blood keeps moving, it's harder for it to pool in the veins and make a clot. If one forms and breaks free, it can travel with the blood and get stuck somewhere dangerous, like the lungs. Clots also make it harder for blood to flow around them, and that can cause swelling, discolored skin, and other problems.

Some athletes, including runners, basketball players, and triathletes, wear compression socks and sleeves on their legs and arms. The theory is that, during activity, better blood flow will help get oxygen to their muscles, and the support will help prevent tissue damage. And afterward, the beefed-up blood and lymph circulation will help their muscles recover quickly. They won't be as sore, and they won't cramp as much.

Indeed, the application of compression stockings would seem to be fairly cut and dry: Take leg measurements, use the manufacturer’s guidelines for determining the level of compression, choose a style, and hand it over to the patient.

But not all diabetic patients are created equal, and neither are compression stockings. At one end of the spectrum are patients who may benefit from support pantyhose for light pressure to prevent or reduce mild swelling, a condition that is not only uncomfortable but can delay wound healing in diabetic patients. At the other end are those who suffer from significant edema or venous leg ulcers who are candidates for prescription-strength compression stockings. And then, there are patients with the peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Issues that need to be addressed when prescribing compression hosiery include proper diagnosis, accurate measurements, and, of course, patient compliance.

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