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Custom Mobility Solutions built for your comfort and function.

The Importance of ATP certified Wheelchairs in South Florida

According to the CDC, South Florida’s rate for adults with serious mobility issues is higher than the rest of the United States. Over 14.3% of people living in Florida have serious problems walking or climbing stairs. That’s almost 2% more than the national average. Those numbers are critical and one of the primary reasons why it is important in certain spots in Florida, like Palm Beach County, to understand what a certified ATP and certified ATP products are, and where to get them.


When asking the question “wheelchairs near me?” it is essential to understand a key factor in that search: “what ATP-certified products and ATP wheelchairs are.”


Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) are trained and credentialed by the organization RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). RESNA is the premier institution in the United States that deals with disabilities and rehabilitation techniques. The grouping has government-endorsed guidelines, exams, code of ethics, and readiness tools. Each RESNA Certified ATP evaluates and ultimately is recognized as an individual that has demonstrated competency in analyzing the needs of consumers with disabilities. They have been trained to proficiently assist, to the best of their ability and under the strictest guidelines, people with disabilities, including mobility issues. ATP’s have undergone  rigorous training, exams, and experience requirements, and have demonstrated the ability to select appropriately assistive technology to help out people with disabilities.


Atlantic Healthcare Products has certified ATP experts on staff.  Our ATP’s consultation and product selection are based on RESNA guidelines, top-tier medical equipment technology, and quality materials. Our wheelchairs not only fulfill daily needs but provide individuals in South Florida with the best level of comfort possible. 


Each case is different, each disability a dimension unto itself, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wheelchair. In Palm Beach County, Atlantic Healthcare Products can provide some of the most customizable, efficient, and durable wheelchairs in the market.



One-on-one seating & positioning customization with an ATP is available. Chat LIVE, or click on the button to schedule an appointment.

Manual wheelchairs

They can be either heavy duty or lightweight, manually propelled, highly durable wheelchairs that in many cases adapt to a variety of types of environments.  Transport manual wheelchairs are the most portable option. They can also be the best wheelchair to put into the back of a car. They often have fold-down backs and are made out of lightweight aluminum to make it easier for loved ones caring for their spouses. They are the go-to wheelchair for individuals who don't need to push themselves and can rely on someone pushing them. 


Sometimes individual limitations can not be overcome with a standard manual wheelchair and that is where a customized and fully adapted wheelchair will make many things possible, not only ergonomically but technologically to a person’s everyday life and usage.

Benefits of a Combination wheelchair:

A Combination wheelchair looks like a standard manual wheelchair, but has quick release axles that you can press and allow the large wheels to come off leaving a transport chair with 4 small wheels. 

Our staff at Atlantic Healthcare Medical Equipment are standing by and will gladly assist you with professional help and advice to give you the best wheelchair available, one that will meet your unique mobility and needs.

Complex Wheelchairs

Medicare, and major healthcare insurance operators, require that an ATP professional be involved in the selection and evolution of all types of rehab equipment, that includes wheelchairs. For your medical insurance to approve any claim for a Group 3 or Group 4 Complex Wheelchair requires it first has to be reviewed by an ATP professional. 


You would benefit from an ATP seating evaluation if you are living with Parkinson's disease, ALS, MS, Post Polio, paralysis, hemi-paralysis, or any other limitation that prevents you from functionally weight shifting.   


Our ATPs will partner with Medicare, Workers Compensation, Veterans Administration, to provide the necessary evaluation documentation, in order to ensure our billing team and your physician are all in agreement with the solutions. They will assist you every step of the way and help the process get through the red tape. From the initial evaluation to the delivery of your complex manual wheelchairs, our ATP personnel will be there to ensure your specific needs are met. They will be available for all your questions during the approval process, individualized fitting on equipment delivery, and follow-up regarding performance.